Left To Die

Left to Die is a new band featuring classic Death members Terry Butler (Obituary et al) and Rick Rozz (ex-Massacre) paired with Gruesome founders Matt Harvey (Exhumed et al) and Gus Rios (ex-Malevolent Creation). The Florida-based band is currently writing an EP and planning a summer US tour, performing the classic Leprosy album in its entirety, along with cuts from Scream Bloody Gore.


Rick Rozz had this to say: “It’s going to be an absolute honor and pleasure to play these 34+ year-old songs on stage with Terry after all these years, along with the talents of Matt and Gus - it’s gonna be brutal!”

Matt Harvey “When Gus and I started Gruesome as a Death tribute, we never thought that it would lead to us playing some of our favorite songs alongside the guys that recorded them, but here we are - and I couldn’t be more stoked!”

Drummer Gus Rios remarked “When Rick contacted me about his idea I was immediately on board, since Leprosy is not only my favorite Death album, but my favorite Death Metal album of all time! I’m very grateful and stoked that Terry and Matt were also on board - the metal will flow this summer! 

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