October 19: Ben Folds Five—first U.S. tour promoting Ben Folds Five
December 13: Jewel—first U.S. tour promoting Pieces of You


May 7: Neurosis—Through Silver in Blood Tour
May 13: The Jesus Lizard—Shot Tour
July 11: Far
September 18: Zakk Wylde—Book of Shadows Tour
September 19: Bo Diddley
October 3: Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel
November 20: Slash’s Blues Ball


February 8: Dio—Angry Machines Tour
September 3: Gov’t Mule
September 5: Bruce Dickinson—Accident of Birth Tour
October 2: Buckethead


January 18: Creed—My Own Prison Tour
February 4: System of a Down
June 9: Sebastian Bach
July 19: Sepultura
July 24: Clutch—The Elephant Riders Tour
August 29: Blue Öyster Cult—Heaven Forbid Tour
September 24: Elliot Smith—XO Tour


January 27: Kid Rock
February 5: Fear Factory—Obsolete Tour
February 11: Slash’s Snakepit—Ain’t Life Grand Tour
February 14: Godsmack
June 13: Nevermore—Dreaming Neon Black Tour
August 6: Rollins Band
October 20: A Perfect Circle
November 11: Dee Dee Ramone


January 21: Machine Head—Year of the Dragon Tour
March 31: Stormtroopers of Death
April 21: Eek-A-Mouse
May 12: Melvins
May 28: Armored Saint—Revelation Tour
July 21: Mayhem—Grand Declaration of War Tour
August 29: Black Label Society
September 3: Cannibal Corpse
November 14: UDO and Saxon
November 21: Machine Head, Nothingface, and Nonpoint
December 11: Shadows Fall, Nevermore, and In Flames


April 5: Morbid Angel—Gateways to Annihilation Tour
April 13: Melvins—Electroretard Tour
April 29: Megadeth—The World Needs a Hero Tour
August 11: Uriah Heep—The Legend Continues Tour
September 3: Fantômas—Grand Declaration of War Tour
October 20: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
November 5: Tomahawk
November 27: Deicide


February 8: Thirty Seconds to Mars
February 24: The Mars Volta
March 29: The Hellacopters
April 26: Lizzy Borden
May 18: Strapping Young Lad
July 18: Arch Enemy⁠—Wages of Sin Tour
October 3: Kreator⁠—Violent Revolution Tour


January 17: Marky Ramone and the Speed Kings
January 28: Evanescence
February 26: Dying Fetus⁠—King of All Kings Tour
November 3: Clutch
November 5: Deicide
November 14: Behemoth—The Unnatural Born Killers Tour
December 3: Michael Schenker Group
December 4: Pigface
December 14: Lacuna Coil—Comalies Tour


January 28: Muse—Absolution Tour
February 26: Exodus
June 5: Metal Church—The Weight of the World Tour
July 9: Buckethead
September 12: Keane


January 29: Blackmore’s Night
March 31: Corrosion of Conformity—Stonebreakers and Hellraisers Tours
May 14: Y&T
July 8: George Lynch
July 21: Clutch and High on Fire
October 7: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—Howl Tour


April 9: Y&T
May 21: Uli Jon Roth
July 10: The Sword
October 19: Priestess


March 11: The Sword
April 7: Veruca Salt
April 26: Y&T
May 27: Clutch⁠—From Beale Street to Oblivion Tour
November 24: T.S.O.L.


April 30: U.F.O.
September 20: Uli Jon Roth
November 6: The Faint and Kool Keith


September 25: Revolting Cocks
October 16: Kittie


January 29: Agnostic Front


March 9: Deicide and Belphegor
March 30: Melechesh and Rotting Christ
April 4: Saint Vitus, Red Fang, and Kylesa
May 7: Asesino
June 11: Fear Factory⁠—Industrial Discipline Tour
September 30: U.F.O.⁠—Best of a Decade Tour


November 11: Michael Schenker Group
November 25: U.F.O.⁠—Seven Deadly Tour
December 19: High on Fire, Goatwhore, and Lo-Pan


May 3: Cherie Currie
May 4: Killing Joke—The Singles Collection Tour
October 11: Red Fang
October 18: Diamond Head—Rise of the Inferno Tour
November 7: Lita Ford
December 8: Fates Warning


July 25: PHILM
July 31: Fuel
August 26: Corrosion of Conformity⁠—“Animosity” lineup
October 24: Carcass and Exhumed
December 13: Strung Out and H2O


March 5: Enslaved, Yob, and Ecstatic Vision—In Times Tour
April 2: Revolution Mother
April 18: Good Riddance
May 5: Korpiklaani and Ensiferum
May 8: Prayers
May 17: The Meteors
June 13: 1349—Chaos Raids North America Tour
July 11: Cattle Decapitation—“The Anthropocene Extinction” album release show
August 11: Texas Hippie Coalition
August 15: Nekrogoblikon and Crimson Shadow
August 20: Saxon
August 26: Moonshine Bandits
August 28: Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum
September 12: Gruesome
September 19: Goatsnake, Black Breath, Battalion of Saints, and Obliterations
October 16: Acid King and Giant Squid
October 22: D.R.I.
October 24: Act of Defiance
October 29: Fear Factory and Once Human
October 31: Night of the Shred with The Shrine, Windhand, Bang!, Elder, Danava, WoFat, and Monolord
November 1: Soilwork⁠—We Sold Our Souls to Metal Tour
November 6: Sprung Monkey
November 13: Mayhem, Watain, and Rotting Christ—Black Metal Warfare Pt. II Tour
November 21: SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque
November 23: Amaranthe
December 17: Soulfly
December 17: Flotsam & Jetsam, Holy Grail, and Night Demon
December 19: Strung Out


January 23: Venom Inc.—first-ever U.S. tour
February 23: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, and Abigail Williams
March 15: Magma—first-ever San Diego show
May 25: Pentagram
June 1: Voivod
June 5: Metal Church and Armored Saint
June 10: Taake—first-ever west coast show
July 15: Screeching Weasel
July 20: Nails and Terrorizer LA
August 17: Belphegor, Origin, Shining, and Abigail Williams—Conjuring the Dead North American Raid 2016
August 31: Glenn Hughes
September 15: Subhumans
September 17: Gus G. and Angel Vivaldi
October 18: Brujeria, Cattle Decapitation, and Pinata Protest—Make America Hate Again Tour
October 22: Saint Vitus and The Skull—For Those Which Are Asleep Tour
October 28: The Dillinger Escape Plan—final U.S. tour
October 30: Death Angel—The Evil Divide Tour
November 5: Diamond Head
December 3: Sonata Arctica—The Ninth Hour World Tour


January 19: Zakk Sabbath
January 20: Paul Gilbert
February 8: Alcest—Kodama North American Tour
February 24: Archgoat, Valkyrja, and Hellfire Deathcult
April 25: Asphyx
April 29: Superjoint Ritual
May 14: Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms, and Ascendia
May 27: Xandria, Kobra and the Lotus, and Once Human
July 21: Dead Kennedys
August 16: Yob and SubRosa—exclusive U.S. show
August 20: Marduk, Incantation, and Abysmal Dawn
August 22: Warning and Conan—exclusive U.S. show
August 26: Pelican and Inter Arma—exclusive U.S. show
August 28: Marty Friedman
September 15: Perturbator—first-ever San Diego show
October 3: Dark Tranquillity, Amorphis, and Moonspell
October 13: Lords of Acid
October 22: Avatar
December 7: Whitechapel, Carnifex, and Rings of Saturn
December 8: Pig Destroyer⁠—first-ever San Diego show


January 13: Fates Warning
January 26: Hammerfall—Built to Tour
January 26: Converge, SUMAC, and Cult Leader
February 8: Zebra
February 22: Eyehategod and Final Conflict
February 23: Dark Funeral, SepticFlesh, and Thy Antichrist
January 13: Exhumed, Incantation, and Phobia
strong>March 11: Wolves in the Throne Room—exclusive show
March 23: Dirkschneider
March 24: Dogwood and No Innocent Victime
March 26: Russian Circles and King Woman
April 5: John 5
April 19: Amigo the Devil
April 21: King’s X
April 26: Face to Face
May 17: Danko Jones
May 18: Midnight, BAT, and Wormwitch
June 27: Dio Disciples
July 20: Galactic Empire—exclusive west coast show
August 17: Deafheaven, Drab Majesty, and Uniform
August 20: Red Fang and Elder—exclusive U.S. show
August 21: Church of Misery and Spirit Adrift—exclusive U.S. show
August 26: T.S.O.L.
August 27: Napalm Death and Cattle Decapitation
September 13: The Dead Daisies and Dizzy Reed’s Hookers & Blow
September 30: Angra
October 5: Satan
October 15: Carach Angren, Mors Principium Est, and Wolfheart
October 16: Monster Magnet
October 23: Insane Clown Posse
October 24: Amigo the Devil and Harley Poe
October 25: Mad Caddies
October 30: Dance with the Dead and Daniel Deluxe
November 4: CKY
November 7: Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, and Krisiun—final tour with Frank Mullen
November 15: Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals—full Pantera set
November 18: DevilDriver and Jinjer
November 20: Cro-Mags and Eyehategod
November 25: Municipal Waste, OFF!, and Toxic Holocaust
November 29: Unearth, Fit For an Autopsy, and The Agony Scene
December 1: Godflesh
December 2: The Black Dahlia Murder, Ghoul, and Gost
December 7: Nita Strauss and Angel Vivaldi
December 14: Scour—first-ever west coast show


January 23: Sumac
January 23: Marty Friedman
January 26: Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Weedeater, and Mothership
February 22: The Black Queen
February 26: Red Dragon Cartel
March 3: Om and Emel Mathlouthi
March 8: Conan
March 16: Hypocrisy and Fleshgod Apocalypse—Death… Is Just The Beginning Tour
March 31: Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted and Hideous Divinity—Hell Over North American Blastbeat Party
April 4: Anvil
April 8: Combichrist
April 14: John 5 and Jared James Nichols
April 18: Integrity⁠—first west coast show in 10+ years
April 19: Yob and Monolord—Our Raw Heart Tour
April 21: Ufomammut and BelzebonG—exclusive U.S. show
May 1: Cattle Decapitation and Unidad Trauma
May 2: The 69 Eyes—Back From the Grave! Tour
May 1: Jake the Snake Roberts—Dirty Details Tour
May 17: Dark Funeral, Incantation, and Hate—Devastation on the Nation Tour
May 19: Spirit Adrift and Haunt
May 22: Skeletonwitch and Soft Kill
May 25: The Damned Things, Crobot, and He Is Legend
May 28: Sacred Reich
May 31: Impending Doom—only southern California show of 2019
June 2: Full of Hell, Primitive Man, and Genocide Pact
June 15: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
July 18: An Evening with Vince DiCola
July 19: Confide
August 13: Lucifer
August 16: 3TEETH
August 19: Mork—first-ever U.S. club show
August 20: Kadavar, Truckfighters, and ASG—exclusive U.S. show
September 8: Hammerfall—west-coast “Dominion” album release show
September 11: Jinjer
September 14: Kataklysm and Exhorder
September 18: Fozzy
September 28: Soulfly, Incite, and Prison
October 3: Obituary, Abbath, Midnight, Devil Master
October 6: The Living End
October 19: Havok and Ringworm
October 24: Oranssi Pazuzu—first-ever San Diego show
November 2: Suffocation, Belphegor, Abiotic, and Necronomicon
November 5: Monolord, Blackwater Holylight, and Warish
November 17: 1349—The Infernal Pathway Tour
November 27: Nile
November 29: Morbid Angel, Watain, and Incantation
November 30: Ensiferum and Kalmah
December 11: Unearth and Darkest Hour
December 15: The Fall of Troy
December 18: Thursday
December 22: Cattle Decapitation and Atheist—The Geocidal Tendencies Tour


January 31: The Horrorpops
February 8: The 69 Eyes and Wednesday 13
February 14: Suicide Silence—“Becoming The Hunter” album release show
March 11: Cult of Luna, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Intronaut
March 12: Static-X

In accordance with the guidelines issued by Governor Newsom and the city of San Diego, Brick by Brick will be closed until further notice. Ticket buyers will be notified as shows are postponed or canceled.