October 19: Ben Folds Five—first U.S. tour promoting Ben Folds Five
December 13: Jewel—first U.S. tour promoting Pieces of You


May 7: Neurosis—Through Silver in Blood Tour
May 13: The Jesus Lizard—Shot Tour
July 11: Far
September 18: Zakk Wylde—Book of Shadows Tour
September 19: Bo Diddley
October 3: Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel
November 20: Slash’s Blues Ball


February 8: Dio—Angry Machines Tour
September 3: Gov’t Mule
September 5: Bruce Dickinson—Accident of Birth Tour
October 2: Buckethead


January 18: Creed—My Own Prison Tour
February 4: System of a Down
June 9: Sebastian Bach
July 19: Sepultura
July 24: Clutch—The Elephant Riders Tour
August 29: Blue Öyster Cult—Heaven Forbid Tour
September 24: Elliot Smith—XO Tour


January 27: Kid Rock
February 5: Fear Factory—Obsolete Tour
February 11: Slash’s Snakepit—Ain’t Life Grand Tour
February 14: Godsmack
June 13: Nevermore—Dreaming Neon Black Tour
August 6: Rollins Band
October 20: A Perfect Circle
November 11: Dee Dee Ramone


January 21: Machine Head—Year of the Dragon Tour
March 31: Stormtroopers of Death
April 21: Eek-A-Mouse
May 12: Melvins
May 28: Armored Saint—Revelation Tour
July 21: Mayhem—Grand Declaration of War Tour
August 29: Black Label Society
September 3: Cannibal Corpse
November 14: UDO and Saxon
November 21: Machine Head, Nothingface, and Nonpoint
December 11: Shadows Fall, Nevermore, and In Flames


April 5: Morbid Angel—Gateways to Annihilation Tour
April 13: Melvins—Electroretard Tour
April 29: Megadeth—The World Needs a Hero Tour
August 11: Uriah Heep—The Legend Continues Tour
September 3: Fantômas—Grand Declaration of War Tour
October 20: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
November 5: Tomahawk
November 27: Deicide


February 8: Thirty Seconds to Mars
February 24: The Mars Volta
March 29: The Hellacopters
April 26: Lizzy Borden
May 18: Strapping Young Lad
July 18: Arch Enemy⁠—Wages of Sin Tour
October 3: Kreator⁠—Violent Revolution Tour


January 17: Marky Ramone and the Speed Kings
January 28: Evanescence
February 26: Dying Fetus⁠—King of All Kings Tour
November 3: Clutch
November 5: Deicide
November 14: Behemoth—The Unnatural Born Killers Tour
December 3: Michael Schenker Group
December 4: Pigface
December 14: Lacuna Coil—Comalies Tour


January 28: Muse—Absolution Tour
February 26: Exodus
June 5: Metal Church—The Weight of the World Tour
July 9: Buckethead
September 12: Keane


January 29: Blackmore’s Night
March 31: Corrosion of Conformity—Stonebreakers and Hellraisers Tours
May 14: Y&T
July 8: George Lynch
July 21: Clutch and High on Fire
October 7: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—Howl Tour


April 9: Y&T
May 21: Uli Jon Roth
July 10: The Sword
October 19: Priestess


March 11: The Sword
April 7: Veruca Salt
April 26: Y&T
May 27: Clutch⁠—From Beale Street to Oblivion Tour
November 24: T.S.O.L.


April 30: U.F.O.
September 20: Uli Jon Roth
November 6: The Faint and Kool Keith


September 25: Revolting Cocks
October 16: Kittie


January 29: Agnostic Front


March 9: Deicide and Belphegor
March 30: Melechesh and Rotting Christ
April 4: Saint Vitus, Red Fang, and Kylesa
May 7: Asesino
June 11: Fear Factory⁠—Industrial Discipline Tour
September 30: U.F.O.⁠—Best of a Decade Tour


November 11: Michael Schenker Group
November 25: U.F.O.⁠—Seven Deadly Tour
December 19: High on Fire, Goatwhore, and Lo-Pan


May 3: Cherie Currie
May 4: Killing Joke—The Singles Collection Tour
October 11: Red Fang
October 18: Diamond Head—Rise of the Inferno Tour
November 7: Lita Ford
December 8: Fates Warning


July 25: PHILM
July 31: Fuel
August 26: Corrosion of Conformity⁠—“Animosity” lineup
October 24: Carcass and Exhumed
December 13: Strung Out and H2O


March 5: Enslaved, Yob, and Ecstatic Vision—In Times Tour
April 2: Revolution Mother
April 18: Good Riddance
May 5: Korpiklaani and Ensiferum
May 8: Prayers
May 17: The Meteors
June 13: 1349—Chaos Raids North America Tour
July 11: Cattle Decapitation—“The Anthropocene Extinction” album release show
August 11: Texas Hippie Coalition
August 15: Nekrogoblikon and Crimson Shadow
August 20: Saxon
August 26: Moonshine Bandits
August 28: Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum
September 12: Gruesome
September 19: Goatsnake, Black Breath, Battalion of Saints, and Obliterations
October 16: Acid King and Giant Squid
October 22: D.R.I.
October 24: Act of Defiance
October 29: Fear Factory and Once Human
October 31: Night of the Shred with The Shrine, Windhand, Bang!, Elder, Danava, WoFat, and Monolord
November 1: Soilwork⁠—We Sold Our Souls to Metal Tour
November 6: Sprung Monkey
November 13: Mayhem, Watain, and Rotting Christ—Black Metal Warfare Pt. II Tour
November 21: SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque
November 23: Amaranthe
December 17: Soulfly
December 17: Flotsam & Jetsam, Holy Grail, and Night Demon
December 19: Strung Out


January 23: Venom Inc.—first-ever U.S. tour
February 23: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, and Abigail Williams
March 15: Magma—first-ever San Diego show
May 25: Pentagram
June 1: Voivod
June 5: Metal Church and Armored Saint
June 10: Taake—first-ever west coast show
July 15: Screeching Weasel
July 20: Nails and Terrorizer LA
August 17: Belphegor, Origin, Shining, and Abigail Williams—Conjuring the Dead North American Raid 2016
August 31: Glenn Hughes
September 15: Subhumans
September 17: Gus G. and Angel Vivaldi
October 18: Brujeria, Cattle Decapitation, and Pinata Protest—Make America Hate Again Tour
October 22: Saint Vitus and The Skull—For Those Which Are Asleep Tour
October 28: The Dillinger Escape Plan—final U.S. tour
October 30: Death Angel—The Evil Divide Tour
November 5: Diamond Head
December 3: Sonata Arctica—The Ninth Hour World Tour


January 19: Zakk Sabbath
January 20: Paul Gilbert
February 8: Alcest—Kodama North American Tour
February 24: Archgoat, Valkyrja, and Hellfire Deathcult
April 25: Asphyx
April 29: Superjoint Ritual
May 14: Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms, and Ascendia
May 27: Xandria, Kobra and the Lotus, and Once Human
July 21: Dead Kennedys
August 16: Yob and SubRosa—exclusive U.S. show
August 20: Marduk, Incantation, and Abysmal Dawn
August 22: Warning and Conan—exclusive U.S. show
August 26: Pelican and Inter Arma—exclusive U.S. show
August 28: Marty Friedman
September 15: Perturbator—first-ever San Diego show
October 3: Dark Tranquillity, Amorphis, and Moonspell
October 13: Lords of Acid
October 22: Avatar
December 7: Whitechapel, Carnifex, and Rings of Saturn
December 8: Pig Destroyer⁠—first-ever San Diego show


January 13: Fates Warning
January 26: Hammerfall—Built to Tour
January 26: Converge, SUMAC, and Cult Leader
February 8: Zebra
February 22: Eyehategod and Final Conflict
February 23: Dark Funeral, SepticFlesh, and Thy Antichrist
January 13: Exhumed, Incantation, and Phobia
strong>March 11: Wolves in the Throne Room—exclusive show
March 23: Dirkschneider
March 24: Dogwood and No Innocent Victime
March 26: Russian Circles and King Woman
April 5: John 5
April 19: Amigo the Devil
April 21: King’s X
April 26: Face to Face
May 17: Danko Jones
May 18: Midnight, BAT, and Wormwitch
June 27: Dio Disciples
July 20: Galactic Empire—exclusive west coast show
August 17: Deafheaven, Drab Majesty, and Uniform
August 20: Red Fang and Elder—exclusive U.S. show
August 21: Church of Misery and Spirit Adrift—exclusive U.S. show
August 26: T.S.O.L.
August 27: Napalm Death and Cattle Decapitation
September 13: The Dead Daisies and Dizzy Reed’s Hookers & Blow
September 30: Angra
October 5: Satan
October 15: Carach Angren, Mors Principium Est, and Wolfheart
October 16: Monster Magnet
October 23: Insane Clown Posse
October 24: Amigo the Devil and Harley Poe
October 25: Mad Caddies
October 30: Dance with the Dead and Daniel Deluxe
November 4: CKY
November 7: Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, and Krisiun—final tour with Frank Mullen
November 15: Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals—full Pantera set
November 18: DevilDriver and Jinjer
November 20: Cro-Mags and Eyehategod
November 25: Municipal Waste, OFF!, and Toxic Holocaust
November 29: Unearth, Fit For an Autopsy, and The Agony Scene
December 1: Godflesh
December 2: The Black Dahlia Murder, Ghoul, and Gost
December 7: Nita Strauss and Angel Vivaldi
December 14: Scour—first-ever west coast show


January 23: Sumac
January 23: Marty Friedman
January 26: Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Weedeater, and Mothership
February 22: The Black Queen
February 26: Red Dragon Cartel
March 3: Om and Emel Mathlouthi
March 8: Conan
March 16: Hypocrisy and Fleshgod Apocalypse—Death… Is Just The Beginning Tour
March 31: Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted and Hideous Divinity—Hell Over North American Blastbeat Party
April 4: Anvil
April 8: Combichrist
April 14: John 5 and Jared James Nichols
April 18: Integrity⁠—first west coast show in 10+ years
April 19: Yob and Monolord—Our Raw Heart Tour
April 21: Ufomammut and BelzebonG—exclusive U.S. show
May 1: Cattle Decapitation and Unidad Trauma
May 2: The 69 Eyes—Back From the Grave! Tour
May 1: Jake the Snake Roberts—Dirty Details Tour
May 17: Dark Funeral, Incantation, and Hate—Devastation on the Nation Tour
May 19: Spirit Adrift and Haunt
May 22: Skeletonwitch and Soft Kill
May 25: The Damned Things, Crobot, and He Is Legend
May 28: Sacred Reich
May 31: Impending Doom—only southern California show of 2019
June 2: Full of Hell, Primitive Man, and Genocide Pact
June 15: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
July 18: An Evening with Vince DiCola
July 19: Confide
August 13: Lucifer
August 16: 3TEETH
August 19: Mork—first-ever U.S. club show
August 20: Kadavar, Truckfighters, and ASG—exclusive U.S. show
September 8: Hammerfall—west-coast “Dominion” album release show
September 11: Jinjer
September 14: Kataklysm and Exhorder
September 18: Fozzy
September 28: Soulfly, Incite, and Prison
October 3: Obituary, Abbath, Midnight, Devil Master
October 6: The Living End
October 19: Havok and Ringworm
October 24: Oranssi Pazuzu—first-ever San Diego show
November 2: Suffocation, Belphegor, Abiotic, and Necronomicon
November 5: Monolord, Blackwater Holylight, and Warish
November 17: 1349—The Infernal Pathway Tour
November 27: Nile
November 29: Morbid Angel, Watain, and Incantation
November 30: Ensiferum and Kalmah
December 11: Unearth and Darkest Hour
December 15: The Fall of Troy
December 18: Thursday
December 22: Cattle Decapitation and Atheist—The Geocidal Tendencies Tour


January 31: The Horrorpops
February 8: The 69 Eyes and Wednesday 13
February 14: Suicide Silence—“Becoming The Hunter” album release show
March 11: Cult of Luna, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Intronaut
March 12: Static-X