Street Team

Brick by Brick is currently seeking people for our IRL & Digital Street Teams who are outgoing, passionate about music, and interested in supporting the local scene. Members can help promote upcoming shows by sharing posts on social media, passing out flyers, and hanging up posters at their favorite bars, record stores, music shops, and more.

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Perks of Joining:

• A chance to attend the shows you love for free
• Meaningful resume experience and potential gateways into the music industry
• A tight-knit community of music-loving friends
• Special opportunities typically reserved for the Brick by Brick team

What We’re Looking For:

Personable and pleasant people (21+) who are interested in using their free time to help promote upcoming shows at Brick by Brick. For our IRL Street Team, candidates should be energetic, upbeat, and feel confident interacting with local businesses throughout their neighborhood. For our Digital Street Team, candidates should have an active and engaging social media presence and be interested in sharing posts, ticket links, flyers, and more through all applicable social platforms.

How to Become a Member:

We are currently seeking people for our IRL Street Team in North County, East County, South Bay, and Central San Diego—basically anywhere and everywhere. Interested parties can learn more here.

If you’d like to become a part of our Digital Street Team, please click here for more info.