Otay:onii (Lane Shi) is a multifaceted artist originally from Haining, China, currently based in NY. Her artistic practice spans across music, sound design, installation art, and film composition. She is the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the punk spit band Elizabeth Colour Wheel (US).

Her installation performance piece Unwrap! debuted at the Ming Contemporary Art Museum in Shanghai in 2021, alongside a series of improvised sound pieces at Himalayas Museum, FanRong Museum, and more.

Her critically claimed album NAG was released on ShadowTrash TapeGroup (US) in 2018, MíngMíng 冥冥 on WV Sorcerer Productions (France+China) in 2020, which was honored No.1 in RYM China session 2021, and her newest record Dream Hacker 夢之駭客, which was released on Bié records (China) in February 2023 and has received attention from press outlets such as Pitchfork (US), NPR (US), and The Threads Radio (UK).

She believes in echoes, and the potential of "solving a puzzle with another puzzle that can't be seen, be touched, but to feel."

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